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The sun low-carbon new life
The United States this year will phase out in...
[Release time:2012-7-30 10:20:53]
CCTV network reported, in accordance with the provisions of the U.S. Energy and Security Act of 2007, this year the nation will gradually phase out 100W incandescent, allowing shops to sell the bulbs to the coffers emptied, but the production and import are prohibited.

According to the provisions of the Act, the United States will introduce a new light bulb energy efficiency standards, and three steps to gradually phase out traditional incandescent light bulbs that do not meet energy efficiency standards

Starting this year, the United States will phase out 100W incandescent, saving 25% to 30% of the lamps to replace incandescent, 2013, the United States will phase out 75w incandescent 60W and 40W in 2014 banned. But the special function of the incandescent yellow bulb for safety tips and aquarium light box lamps are not out of the list.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission also provides that future production and imported into the packaging of the United States, must be attached to the standard brightness, life, color, appearance and content of the products label. The store shall not be lower sales luminous efficiency of 100 watt incandescent; 2013, out of 75 watts of inefficient incandescent; 2014, out of 40 watts and 60 watts of inefficient incandescent lamps